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Monday 15/04 – I am preparing a mini collection of T-shirts inspired by the new NFTs. I’m going to make a limited edition pre-sale.


New artworks

Meet my 2 new works in acrylic on canvas, inspired by the NFTs “Flores enmascardas”.

Launch my first NFTs

Meet my first collection of NFTs on Opensea and Rarible.

New NFT collection

My first collection of NFTs is now available on Opensea and Rarible, showing a group of characters born from my paintings or, better said, a “complex simplification” of my paintings, telling a story that is growing day by day. Check it out!

You can purchase through Opensea or Rarible. Click below

New painting of the Sintesis collection

It is an acrylic painting that synthesizes the previous works, preparing the space for a new story with characters, whose characteristics are the real functioning of the world, an impostor innocence, a masked innocence.


Coming soon

Previous collection of acrylic paintings 2023

A small collection of paintings made in winter 2023, inspired by the surreal of my travels and dreams, captured by the combined colors of cyan, magenta and sky, as a way to capture the sensations we feel when we see them.

View works

You can purchase some of my works at Saatchi Art, one of the largest virtual galleries in the world.